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TransNanoForm mission is to promote safe and effective translation of new drug candidates into clinical trials through advanced formulation techniques. We aim to expand the number of potential drug candidates through drug discovery by formulation – addressing the solubility and administration issues as well as biodistribution and PK problems of drug candidates in the early stages of drug development.

The Core personnel have expertise and access to a variety of advanced drug delivery techniques, both in clinical use (liposomes) and emerging technologies in different stages of clinical development (polymeric micelles, polymer conjugates, polymeric nanoparticles, nanogels, polyion complexes of small drugs and biomacromolecules (proteins, DNA, and RNA)) and more.

TransNanoForm Core grants researches an opportunity to formulate or reformulate their compounds of choice under guidance of highly skilled personnel extensively trained in different aspects of drug delivery and formulation development while utilizing the state of the art core facilities. The services include but not limited to carrier selection based on molecule structure analysis and administration rout, pilot formulation preparation and characterization, short and long term stability tests, scale up, protocol finalizing and personal training.